Dostana Chardonnay

Dostana Chardonnay bottle shot

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Light oak, aromas and flavours of vanilla, caramel, dragonfruit, and lemon peel. Smooth, buttery mouth-feel. Try with semi-soft mild goat and cow’s milk cheeses or herb-crusted halibut.

Growing conditions

The grapes are from our Hwy 97 vineyard in Oliver, Golden Mile area.  With a South Eastern exposure, the vineyards get hot days and cooler night temperatures which help to maintain the balance between sugar and acid.

Winemaking notes

Gentle press on October 14th. First stages are free run and then pressed to 1.2 bars with no hard press for a soft, full mouth feel.  Low temperature fermentation for maximum ester extraction.  MLF started with 2 Bx left to avoid extra SO2 additions. 50% aged in American oak (Odysé medium toast) for 6 months.

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