The Kalala Team

Karnail Singh Sidhu

Proprietor | Managing Director | Viticulturist

Brimming with knowledge and experience (over 20 years in organic agriculture), Karnail has created an excellent reputation for himself which has now transcended the Okanagan region. He started Kalala Organic Estate Winery, in 2006, he continues to own and operate the winery with his family members. He is a sought-after viticulture consultant and the proud winner of a myriad of wine awards.

Narinder Sidhu


Narinder is an irreplaceable asset to Kalala Organic Estate Winery. She was there when it began in 2006 and you could count on one hand the number of days she has taken off since then. Narinder is the “mother” of Kalala, the one that takes care of it all. Some of her major roles within Kalala include accounting, managing the sales associates, and coordinating all of the day-to-day logistics.

Jessica Vanmaele

Office & Winery Manager

Jessica worked at Kalala Organic Estate Winery in 2016 as an Accounting Assistant, she left in 2018 to complete her bachelors degree in Business with a specialty in Accounting. She worked at BDO Kamloops for a year before rejoining Kalala as the office & winery manager. Some of her roles include marketing, human resources, accounting and events coordinator.

Mayu Tanaka


Mayu joined Kalala Organic Estate Winery in 2020 as a marketer. She grew up in Hokkaido, an island in the northernmost part of Japan, and had careers in counseling in the educational industry for 5 years. In 2018, she came to Canada to study marketing that applies around the world. After 2 years of study, she joined Kalala and mainly takes care of social media and online marketing.

Jenny Kenyon

Jenny Kenyon

Office and Wine Shop Assistant

Jenny worked for Discover Wines Kelowna, a boutique BC VQA wine shop, for six years as their Administrative Assistant and sales associate. It was there that she learned a lot about wines, and what she likes from all over BC. She also learned the administrative side in the wine industry.  When Discover Wines closed because the VQA Licenses were transferred to Save On Foods, she longed to be in the wine industry once again.

She took her level One in the WSET wine and knowledge program to gain further insight to wines around the world.  Since then she has traveled to Italy and sampled their wines in the Tuscany region.

Lynette Faye

Lynette Faye

Lower Mainland & Okanagan Sales

Lynette has 20+ years’ experience in sales, marketing, and management. She is expressive, amiable, and analytical with a driving personality.  Her motto is, “OK is not OK and good is not good enough.” She has worked with Kalala Organic Estate Winery since October 2012 and has been a key contributor to the success of building the Kalala brand.

Jamey MacDonald

Kootenays Sales

Jamey was born in North Vancouve.  His passion for skiing and golfing brought him to the Kootenays. For the past 3 years, Jamey has effectively represented many different companies in import and BC wines, refreshment beverages, and spirits, including Kalala Organic Estate Winery. He believes that the industry is constantly changing and you are always learning, but most of all it is about having fun while doing your job.