Organic farming has become increasingly popular in all areas of agriculture, especially in the field of viticulture.

Organic Viticulture

Organic viticulture is defined as the application of organic agricultural practices to produce grapes and wines of the best possible quality. Organic viticulture focuses on the use of natural processes wherever possible for nutrient production and recycling as well as pest, disease, and weed management. Organic viticulture is based on the Living Soil principle which aims to increase the on-site natural soil structure and fertility. A good soil structure increases the number and the diversity of terrestrial organisms, reduces the development of harmful ones, and favors the process of nutrient release by organic matter. A living and well-balanced soil composition guarantees the health of the plant and the terroir expression of the wines.

Organic Vineyards

Unlike the non-organic vineyard, which is a monoculture managed by spraying chemicals, an organic vineyard is considered to be an integrated system for converting solar energy, soil nutrients, and water into healthy and natural grape growth. The end product reflects our local terroir: the environmental conditions like hydrology, soil, and micro-climate as well as traditional processing practices. Organic vineyards rely a lot more on human interaction and labour with the plants rather than sprays and machines, this creates a connection between human and plant and enables us to cultivate the best grapes from the most worthy vines.

In an organic vineyard, grapevines and other plant species grow in harmony, supplementing each other’s nutrient needs and hosting beneficial pests. With a functioning ecosystem, it is much harder for a new pest to come in and score a complete biological victory.

Thus, our organic vineyards are micromanaged for crop canopy, soil fertility, and pest and disease control to maximize the quality and the healthiness of the organically-produced wine grapes.

“Organic grape growing is a real labour of love which shows beautifully in the wine, where it really counts.”

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