Valentine’s Day Special Tasting!

Valentine’s Day Special Tasting
on February 12th

Featured Wine Tasting
(& Treats to add a little extra fun to your tasting!) 

Valentine's day tasting

Join us on February 12th from 11am to 4pm to celebrate a month of Love!

February is the month to celebrate love. Love does not have to be romantic, as it comes in many forms. Your family, your friends… Show your love to someone who is important in your life!

Enjoy complimentary wine tastings. We will feature our unique dessert wine made from icewine grapes and provide a little treat to pair with it!

Featured Wine: Kiran ($55.00)

Kiran is Kalala’s dessert wine named after Karnail’s youngest daughter.

All of the wines were second and third pressed individual ice wines, left in barrels in the sun for three years to age. , 

It is a Madeira Style wine which has a unique taste that comes from repeatedly heating the wine.  The heating creates a wine with fascinating flavours and displays aromas of caramel, hazelnut, dried fig and brown sugar. 

You can lay this one down for years to come or enjoy it right away.

It pairs well with delicate or strong cheeses or with nuts and baked goods, crème brûlée, chocolate, or poured on top of your ice cream.

At your special tasting, we will provide chocolate-covered pretzels  that pair well with Kiran.

Try how Kiran pairs with the sweet and salty treat!

Valentine's day wine tasting

*Are you busy on February 12th? Don’t worry! We will be offering  complimentary wine tastings from February 15th to 19th (chocolate-covered pretzels will be NOT offered).

*We welcome walk-ins; however, a reservation is highly recommended due to limited capacity for your safety.