Join the Tai Chi Class and enjoy a Wine Tasting after!

Wine and Chi

Join the “Wine and Chi” event on Sunday, August 29th from 10am to 11:30am presented by the Wine Country Tai Chi Society.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise. It focuses on slow movements that relax and strengthen your body and mind. Beyond that, Tai Chi has many more benefits! See some of the benefits you can get from Tai Chi.

  1. Improved flexibility, balance and agility.
  2. Improved muscle strength and coordination.
  3. Reduced stress, anxiety and depression.
  4. Improved concentration and memory.
  5. Improved circulation.
  6. Increased energy and vitality.
  7. Make new friends!


This event includes a free Tai Chi class. This class will be held at our picnic area overlooking the vineyards. Taste Kalala’s organic wines after the class if you’d like!

Contact Sandra Kendel at to reserve your free tickets. Limited space available!